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El-Karnak industrial Complex (El-Karnak),since 1978 we were getting the necessary technical know-how research, development, back-up and support in manufacturing El-Karnak rigid PVC pipes to ensure the same high quality products and after-sales services from the worlds’ leading manufacturers.


We produce a variety of different PVC pipes and fittings according to the DIN and BS standards so as to meet diverse clients’ needs, such as portable water supply, irrigation system, sewage telephone conduit, industrial piping...etc. We also provide technical service (installation, piping design…etc.) when requested by customers.

We provide a complete line of fittings required for installing and assembling El-Karnak pipes. Those fittings uses either a Rubber Ring Sealing Method or Solvent Cement Welding Method to install pipes, assuring a quick, efficient and leak proof set up.

Our website explains many attributes and competitive features of El-Karnak rigid PVC pipes as well as their specifications and detailed technical data.

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