Stainless Steel Basin

Elkarnak Group offers a full line of sinks to match the level of performance you desire.

With a variety of features, styles to choose from, Elkarnak  sinks combine decorative versatility with dependable performance.

They function as the kitchenís jewelry, adding a touch of color or a little sparkle.
You can choose from hundreds of styles
and dozens of finishes, though manufactured  of tough and fashionable chrome reigns.

Under mounted and integral sinks offer the advantages of easy cleanup and a visually smooth transition between the work area  and the sink.



Width Length
Basin 80 50 cm 80 cm
Basin 100 50 cm 100 cm
Basin 120 50 cm 120 cm
Basin 150 50 cm 150 cm

Stainless steel, the most popular sink material, fits in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Though it will get scratched (eventually developing its own patina), itís easy to clean and the thicker gauge models are quite durable.

There are many different styles and combinations of sinks and faucets for you to choose from.






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