Why Choose Our Products?

El-Karnak pipes resist corrosion caused by acids, alkalis, oils, and salts. El-Karnak pipes are particularly reliable for transporting chemical solutions, gases, and other corrosive materials.


El-Karnak pipes are entirely non-toxic. They will not affect the taste, ardor or color of any liquid, our pipes will not react with the content to cause any precipitant.

  Low flow loss  

Because of its mirror-smooth inside surface, El-Karnak Pipe minimizes flow loss and impedes the build-up of deposits and corrosive scales.

  Mechanical strength  
  El-Karnak pipes can be easily fitted with nearby pipes.  
  Fire Proof  

PVC is known to be an anti- combustion material. consequently, in case of fire, flames will leave El-Karnak pipes fully intact.

  Electric resistance  

Made of integral, insulated material, El-Karnak PVC pipes totally eliminate electrolytic corrosion famous of destroying underground metal pipes.

  Weather resistance  

EL-Karnak high quality performance pipes have extraordinary tolerance to different weather factors like direct sunlight, wind, rain and collision.

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