Plastic Garbage Cans

1. Tight cover
2. Axles made of tempered galvanized steel.
Two smooth rubber wheels making the body
    resistant to collision

4. Ultra violet sun rays resistant.
5. Mechanical shocks resistant.
6. Chemicals resistant.
7. Light weight .
8. Parts are easily mounted.
9. Easy to store.
Two integrally molded grips to easily open
    the lid and handle the body.




Clubs, Touristic villages, Resorts, Gardens, Restaurants, Beaches.

Hospitals, Schools, Factories, Kitchens, Airports, Services & cleaning companies, Chemicals transportation, Laundry for hotels & hospitals.



Dimensions available in:

  • 240 liters 100x60cm
  • 140 liters 100x45cm
  • 120 liters 85x45cm



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